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  1. I posted this in a different forum, but was instructed to posted all posts on PR here.

    I'm planning to move to in PR in August and I must have a nursing license,. I've been warned by the facility that it could take from 6-9 months to get it. THEN they said they're not sure how I can go about getting it as in their experience, the know the Junta Examinadora de Enfermeros y Enfermeras (where I must apply for licensure by endorsement) do not answer their phones. They then recommended that I fly to PR in January just to get the paperwork to fill out for the license and send it back in. Is it just me or is that a bit much? Does anyone know of a website that I could print the forms from or better yet, can anyone here mail me some?
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  3. by   Marian96
    La Junta examinadora de enfermeria NEVERRR pick up the phones,but you can go to "Departamento de Salud de PR" in there is a section "formularios" and you can print an aplication and mail it to them,Im not sure how much is the fee.
  4. by   Ramy326
    Hi Howyaluvadat,

    I know your original post is quite dated, but I was wondering if you were ever successful in attaining your PR RN license, and if so, if you could shed light on the process?
  5. by   Marian96
    I did it in person, it was a pain in the neck,long lines and rude staff,but I did it and now Im working here,it worth it.
  6. by   Ramy326
    Hi Marian96,

    Thank you for the update! Honestly, congrats on getting through the whole process, it sounds like such a headache but I am glad it is worth it! If you can remember, can you share more details about the steps on how you were able to do it? How was the exam, and is it true it can be taken in English? How was job searching?

    It is really great to know that it can be done, despite how daunting the task seems. Thank you for your insight, it is so appreciated
  7. by   Marian96
    About the process they have certain dates for the test Like every 3 month,they offer a temporary permit that last 1 year,about the job searching Molina Health Carne are recruiting nurses check their website
  8. by   Ramy326
    Thank you SO much. Did you just go to the junta to attain your provisional license or how did you go about getting that initially?
    Than you!!