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    I posted this in a different forum, but was instructed to posted all posts on PR here.

    I'm planning to move to in PR in August and I must have a nursing license,. I've been warned by the facility that it could take from 6-9 months to get it. THEN they said they're not sure how I can go about getting it as in their experience, the know the Junta Examinadora de Enfermeros y Enfermeras (where I must apply for licensure by endorsement) do not answer their phones. They then recommended that I fly to PR in January just to get the paperwork to fill out for the license and send it back in. Is it just me or is that a bit much? Does anyone know of a website that I could print the forms from or better yet, can anyone here mail me some?
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    La Junta examinadora de enfermeria NEVERRR pick up the phones,but you can go to "Departamento de Salud de PR" in there is a section "formularios" and you can print an aplication and mail it to them,Im not sure how much is the fee.