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  1. by   shericolbert
    OK, I read your posting and decided to do my own research (yes, I am anal that way). I found a St Kitts website which showed the cost of pizza at Dominoes:
    St. Kitts Restaurants,Nevis Restaurants, Places to eat, Dining out in St. Kits - Nevis...

    And, you are correct, the average cost of a pizza in St Kitts is $30-$40 EC...

    However, I then went and did a specific comparison on a Large Hawaiian Pizza and compared it to the cost at the local Dominoes near my house. In the US, a Large Hawaiian Pizza would cost me $14.99 + tax . In St Kitts, the same exact pizza would be $41.28 EC or $15.29 USD, which seems pretty darn close considering everything has to be imported.

    No offense, but don't you think it is a little bit rude to call that other person naive, when the cost is only off by 30 cents?
  2. by   njmomstudent
    I actually did a year at Ross School of Vet Med on St. Kitts. The vet school was awesome (I left for financial reasons). At the time I went they had no research, so the professors were there to only teach and they were all superb. I have no idea about the nursing school, but it is SUPER expensive. When I was there, there was only one real grocery store. An IGA I believe. The price of everything there will kill you. And if you go, be careful of the meat. Its not slaughtered like in the US (I won't go into detail) but they do not import meat. Its all local... so get there the day they put it out and put it in the freezer. Most of the time the chicken would still go bad regardless. How something goes bad in the freezer for a week I'll never know. Getting a dependable vehicle is really tough (no car dealerships there) so you are looking at someones old hoopdey that will cost you an arm and a leg... then if it breaks down... holy crap. The $$$ to fix them is ridiculous (everything is imported including car parts and locals will definitely take advantage of students). Gasoline is unbelievably expensive. Mind you, I was there 8 years ago... but I don't think much would have changed on the island. And as far as the hospital on the island... well, we were told to go right to our school if something was seriously wrong and would be flown to PR for medical care. I know it was 8 years ago.... but I'm just sayin...
  3. by   littlefoot22
    Shericolbert have you applied to IUON?

    I just got accepted as a study abroad student through Morehead State University. I will be starting in the Fall of 2010. I am just looking for some people who might be starting in the fall so I can make some friends before I go.
  4. by   IUON Student
    Quote from worstschool
    I don't think it's worth going there after all the negative remarks and especially when there is only a handful of students attending there. How about the staffs there? Were there any improvement, I heard there were a bunch of incompetent administration that are working in New York. I am a still debating, the tuition fees are ridiculously high sure hate to dumb my money if nothing change.
    Most of the negative remarks are from a few disgruntled students. As far as New York, I think that Dr. Connelly, is doing a good job placing student at partner schools. As far as I know she has placed everyone for the next two semesters. On tuition, their rates are comparable to other private BSN programs in the United States.
  5. by   txfosterbrad
    I am a graduate of IUON and have a great job and graduated from Purdue with some of the best test scores the school had. Therefore my opnion is not biased. First of all, all the learning I gained from IUON was from textbooks and the internet. Most of the teachers at IUON are Kittitian nurses with as much knowledge and scope of experience as a CNA in the US. The faculty is rude and domineering and take pleasure in making the lives of American caucasions difficult. The country as a whole still habors ill will towards anyone not black due to lingering sentiments of slavery. If you are white, you are not welcome on St. Kitts. Not as a student, and not as a tourist. With this said the worst part about living on the island was, in fact, the school and its faculty. They truely do go out of their way to make your life hard and stressful. They are racist and sexiest and biased in every way. They have the power of control in their professor role and they use this to seemingly make up for the fact that the island once had slaves with most likely white American or Brithish owners. The discrimination is worse for males than females. However, I have several female friends who were violently raped on the island and the government did not prosecute or even try to help the them in any way. Men can expect to be assulted during there stay and everyone should expect to be robbed at least once. It is ranked as the most violent country in North America. I left the coutry with very few belongings and a bitter taste in my mouth for both the school and the island.