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I am not a RN yet, but was just curious about travel nursing. Do any of the travel companies do anything down in the caribean? Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, ect........... Read More

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    good evening, I just came across your post. Tell me did you complete the assignment and how was it. Which hospital did you work? Which travel company did you work for? I hope that you are still on this site.


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    @SC Greywolf

    As you yourself pointed out, the USVI is U.S. It is NOT a third world country nor can it fairly be compared to one. There is only one hospital on St. Thomas. True, the equipment is not the latest, and supplies though available, are limited. However, it is no less than many rural hospitals on the mainland!
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    I was submitted for a travel position in the caribean (forget what island now)... but it was a 4hr time difference and my agency kept telling me they would call... but never did. I was hoping that position would come through so I could work and enjoy relaxation too. I've been told they work on their own pace, and with the time difference it could make it hard to get the actual position.

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