Is Ultra-Lente Insulin Still in Use?

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    I'm taking a refresher course, and several handouts (which seem out-dated) refer to the use of ultra-lente insulin. The drug book(Mosby 2008) doesn't list it, and some websites indicate that it is no longer available.

    Is Ultra-Lente insulin still manufactured, and is it still in use? If so, under what brand name(s)?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Humulin U was the brand name from Lilly, and it's no longer available.

    Found this on a Google search. It looks like its manufacture has been discontinued all over.

    (unfortunate name lol)
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    Thanks for your reply. I didn't think it was still available. The handouts are clearly out-dated. No excuse for that, given the tuition I'm paying.