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So I'm new to this site and trying to let go of my first med error that happened about a year ago. Spoiler alert: I was suspended then terminated. My heart still drops and i've only been able to admit it to two people since... Read More

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    You are not a bad nurse--you are merely a human one. And many nurses have been where you are...probably more of them than would care to admit. Your honesty and effort to make things right is admirable.

    I've been there. I owned up to it too. I did fare better, but that doesn't mean the whole thing didn't suck any less than it did. I felt as horrible as you do. But I learned what I could from it and moved on...and you will, eventually. The sun still rises every day, does it not?

    Your patient made it through OK. Give yourself a short period to finish beating yourself up over it (seriously, set a limit), then push it aside and focus on the future.

    Sincerely wishing you the best of luck.
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    Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement! Reading all of your posts has made me feel so much better, like I can accept it and move on! I really feel I have a second wind and I am going to start to try again! I hope the people I interview with in the future are as understanding as all of you.

    I agree a large part of the problem was the facility but for the last year when ever I thought that i would tell myself to stop making excuses! I guess i really have to ease up on myself!

    Next question is... How do I approach that subject in an interview? I don't want to come off as purely bad mouthing and blaming the facility not owning up to my mistake. But I also don't want to come off as an incompetent nurse?

    Thank you all again! This has helped me so much to get out of my funk! =D
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    I want to tell you what a person told me when I made my first mistake he looked at me and said we all have mistakes we all are human and I bet this will never happen again. and I said your right it won't happen again. Maybe this was just the universe trying to make you more aware and more careful. This is serious business and apply for another nursing job. I did and I owed up to my mistake and said look I did this but these are the steps that I am taking to ensure it never happens again and even offer to be on a trial basis to prove yourself or even somewhere where you don't have to be on the med cart... try private practice maybe for awhile but don't give up on all the other lives that you are going save help and influence because of fear its not worth it and you are so much better than that and I don't even know you
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