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Running K-Rider with NSS piggyback

  1. 0 How would I run a K-rider with NSS for the purpose of burning sensation? I have ran the K-rider @ 50mL/hr with NSS piggybacked @ 50mL/hr as well on concurrent mode. Is this correct or is there another technique to run this? Was i supposed to run one slower than the other?
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    It most likely depends on your policy statement. Way you have written sounds about right, but I tend to do things on a pt or pt basis. Some Pts can tolerate things while others can't. Our k riders usually run 100ml/hr and they burn! I typically will up the NS and decrease the rate of the k rider until the pt is comfortable, to a degree. I still want to get that med into them asap but want them conformable and not hitting he call bell every 2 sec saying its burning. Also a warm blanket at the iv site really helps too.
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    There are many factors that may contribute or exacerbate the burning sensation or aching often experienced by the patient and there are several things that may help

    1 Slow the rate of administration
    2 Check date and quality of IV site. A large,soft and full vein with a small catheter is best if you can get it it! re-site as needed and avoid areas of flexion
    3 elevate and apply warm compress
    4 ask that some lidocaine be added to the potassium