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Hi everyone, I am new here.I am a new Nurse and have started my first job on a medical/ surgical ward.I am enjoying it alot. I am having difficulty though with preparing IV antibiotics. I am getting help from senior nurses and... Read More

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    Forget about the 20 mls but think about adding a solution into a air pressured container. I used the same procedure regardless on amount of solution. Slowly add the mixing solution into the container but allow the air to transfer from container to syringe until full exchange has happened.If you have to draw back a little with the plunger the do it. Mix the solution and then do the reverse letting the air back into the container and the solution back into the syringe

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    so i was back to work today and of course i had a patient on 1.2g co amoxiclav. So i went about putting the water in (20mls) very carefully. Of course once 10mls went in, it got very tricky and i was unable to continue pushing the rest of the water in without feeling like it would blow up. the nurse with me did a trick, she put a seperate needle in the top while she put the rest of the water in, she said that this lets the air escape. Im loving nursing except for this. It cant be that hard, why cant i do it? when i tried the needle trick it just splilled everywhere. Im actually good at everything else. but this is getting really annoying...
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    Hi, The trick is you don't put the 20mls into the glass vial. You only put in around 10mls or until you feel the pressure won't let you put in any more water, then stop, leave the drawing up needle in the vial, and shake up the water that's in the vial till it is dissolved, then draw up the mixed antibiotics & water back into the 20ml syringe.
    You should be right now :-)
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    OP are you in the Uk? co amoxiclav. is BAN term #

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