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  1. Someone please give me some advise. Work in an doctors office. I am working with a doctor I do not trust. He has had it in for me since the day we met (about 6 months now). I have been asked by my manager who is not a nurse to call in refills for this doctor for patients medications without him signing off on them. (if they meet certain criteria ie been in the office in last 3 mo etc.) We had a discussion about this about two weeks ago and I told her I would but after thinking about it decided against doing this. So when someone asks for a refill I put it in writing in the patients chart then put it on his desk for him to sign off on then call it to their pharmacy after the refill order is signed. Friday the manager asked me if I was doing as she asked and just calling in refills for patients. I told her no I did not trust this doctor and felt like he was looking for a reason to get me fired. She repeated to me so you are not doing this like I told you to do. I said no I am not I do not trust this person. She told me that our practice has rules about a nurse not doing what she is told and since I was not doing what I was told she was going to take it to the next step. Is it legal for nurses to write RX refills and call them in without a MD signature?? I live in NC and have been a nurse 20 yrs and have never in my whole career been made to do something I was not comfortable with doing. I float to other offices in our system and all the other doctors offices sign off on the RX's for refills before the nurse calls them into pharmacy. Please some words of wisdom from other office nurses. TY.
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    Do what you feel is best for you and your license. If I were you, I would find another job. I agree with you that if your gut is telling you to get the doctor's ok, then that is what you should do. Sounds to me like someone is trying to get you to blindly jeopardize your license. Why would you trust her? The manager has a reason to tell you this, and that reason does not justify endangering yourself. Get out of there.