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Just a quick question really. I have given IM Rocephin reconstituted with saline a few times until last night my charge nurse told me to give it with lidocaine solution. My drug book had a... Read More

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    I work for a local dr.s office. I have only worked there a couple of months. I previously worked L&D at a hospital. I had never even given a rocephin shot until I started working here. I have always been told I give a good shot. Well I had a pt. today pass out after getting a rocephin im shot. We mix it with lidocaine and he said it just burned a little. But it has sort of got me nervous..I am scared I did something wrong he has never passed out before. I gave it in his outer/upper quadrant...and he was fine after I gave it but a few seconds later he just fell and I barely had time to catch him. Any advice would be great?

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    How was he after the incident? Maybe a reaction to the med? Or a vagal response? I don't know, but if it was a one time thing I wouldn't be to worried about it. If all your pts start passing out, then I would worry, lol!
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    I had an order to give rocephin with lidociane IM give 1 gram...order mix 2.1 ml of rocephine w/ lidociane. 1 gram to be given so was I correct to give 2.1 mL after mixing the two?
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    Always with lido in the nh I worked in unless otherwise contraindicated.
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    We always gave it with lido. Still, next day you would have a sore hind end.
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    we use lido
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    I have only given rocephin IM one time. It's almost always given IV where I work. When I did give it, there were specific instructions on the vial to reconstitute it with either NS or lidocaine. I chose to use lidocaine because I figured it'd be less painful.
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    Quote from obernurse
    i have always (22yrs as anurse) mixed rocephen with lidocaine supposedly it hurts less
    i agree.
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    Quote from StNeotser
    Just a quick question really.I have given IM Rocephin reconstituted with saline a few times until last night my charge nurse told me to give it with lidocaine solution.My drug book had a small part in the nursing considerations when I looked it up that the drug could be given with lidocaine if the patient was sensitive.Just wanted to ask people if they have given this drug and what they give it with?
    Really surprised that no one has also mentioned that Rocephin is to be Z-tracked.I had a Rocephin shot that the MA neglected to add lido and didn't z-track. She also neglected to tell me not to massage it. Hurt like hell so I rubbed it...well that makes it worse and by not Z-tracking, the med was not deep yet. I ended up with swelling of 2.5" x 8" for one kidding!!! I was in school for Medical Assisting at the time and we covered this 3 weeks later...that's when I figured out what actually happened to more Doc in the box for me. All meds that are this strong and meds that stain (iron) need to be Z-tracked.

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