Lab values & Alpha blockers

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    Hello everyone. I'm a nursing student and I'm writing a paper for Pharmacology. I was assigned a paper on Alpha Blockers (the class in general, not just one specific), and one of the topics he wants me to touch on is lab results, and the effects the medications have on lab results.
    I've searched through my text book, and searched the internet. I can't find any valid answers.
    Does anyone know what labs should be drawn for a patient taking Alpha blockers? Also, what lab values will these meds affect?
    I greatly appreciate your help in advance! Thank you!

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    I think you need to look into what alpha blockers do.Of course, they block adrenergic receptors.What do andrenergic receptors do?So, if you knew they had effects on the pancreas or liver, what then do you think you would be look at for labs?What about the kidneys?Try looking at it that way.
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