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  1. I am new to IV's. How do you run Zosyn with normal saline through an IV?
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  3. by   mnbrn
    Per your hospital's policy.

    Ours had just changed. Now, it has it's own pump channel, is y'd in close to the pt, and runs for 4 hours. then followed by a 50ml bag of NS. It used to piggy back for 30 mins.

    The increase in infusion time has to do with the med's peak and how long the anti stays in the pt's bloodstream.
  4. by   msjellybean
    Oh my gosh, a 4 hour infusion time?! I'm quite accustomed to seeing Zosyn given q6 or q8. Does this cut down on doses as well, given the length of time it stays with them
  5. by   Pat_Pat RN
    My drug book (Taber's) says "Administer over at LEAST 30 minutes"....so I guess, you could give it over 4 hours...I've never heard of it.
    The peak is "end of infusion", duration is 4-6 hrs. So if you did give it over 4 hours, it would, seemingly, have a higher serum concentration. But I'd think it could be renal toxic, since it seems to be fairly toxic to the kidneys at the recommended doses and times.

    PDR 2008: "Zosyn should be administered by IV infusion over 30 minutes. The usual total dose of Zosyn for adults is 3.375g every 6 hrs totaing 13.5g."
  6. by   Badger4lfe262
    We normally run Zosyn over 30 minutes
  7. by   shannonrn02
    Interesting. What is the dosage of the Zosyn you use? We still do 30 minutes.
  8. by   annabeap
    I think it's a fairly new evidence-based practice. New, as in fall 2009. I think it originated per pharmacy recommendations. I'm just happy my facility hasn't created this a mandatory practice.

    My old facility had us start a dedicated IV for the Zosyn infusions- especially if there were a bunch of other IVPBs. Practically NOTHING is compatible with Zosyn, and having it hung for 4hrs, they're practically like a continuous infusion. It definitely caused quite a bit of drama.
  9. by   rnccf2007
    I have always run Zosyn over 30 minutes according to pharmacy at both places I have worked.

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