Document lot # and exp. date on meds? Document lot # and exp. date on meds? | allnurses

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Document lot # and exp. date on meds?

  1. 0 I work in a clinic where patient are administered injections. The meds come in multidose vials from a compounding pharmacy.

    It seems to me that we should be documenting the lot # and exp. date. My administrator told me to implement this policy I would need to site sources. I am unable to find any with the exception of doing this for vaccines.

    Any ideas?
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    Page 15. You should definitely be doing this for all multidose meds/injections (not only immunizations). How do you track who gets what for inventory and billing? An even bigger question, is how do you know what med/vial a patient got if they have a bad reaction? Good for you for realizing this!