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I am hoping someone can clear up this issue for me! I am finishing up my last semester in an ADN program. Graduation is December 16th! :) In school we are taught when giving IM injections to aspirate first to check for blood... Read More

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    Quote from RN_BSN09
    I've never heard of aspirating for anything other than IM. When you administer SubQ you are admin into the fatty tissue... no veins or arteries are in subcutaneous tissue like they are in the muscular tissue, so if there is bleeding it's from damaging capillaries...

    Here's an example of a sub-q injection that you must aspirate on, per manufacturer's protocol (step 10)

    CIMZIA® (certolizumab pegol) Injections at Home | Instructions on Self-administration

    "Step 10
    Release the skin pinch, keeping the syringe in position. Pull back slowly on the plunger. If blood enters the syringe, this means you have entered a blood vessel. Do not inject CIMZIA. Pull the needle out and throw away the prefilled syringe and needle in a puncture-proof container. Repeat the steps to prepare for an injection using a new prefilled syringe. Do not use the same prefilled syringe. "

    Everyone's anatomy is different, don't assume you won't enter a blood vessel simply because its sub-q - or please show evidence to the contrary.

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    Quote from chrisrn24
    When I was orienting to my job, I was giving insulin and my preceptor said "you don't aspirate for SubQ?" I said "we only learned to aspirate for IM." She just said "ok." So yeah, she might aspirate for SubQ but I don't.
    As I mentioned earlier, general recommendation now is that you don't need to aspirate for insulin and heparin, but I've not seen any evidence that all other subcutaneous injections shouldn't be aspirated.

    edit: Here's evidence per Lippincott that other subcutaneous injections should be aspirated (pg 306):
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    Shaking my head. I am so confused now lol. I guess I'll just go by P&P. However, I'll make sure when going by policy for anything, that the P&Ps are kept up to date by EBP.
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    I don't think your preceptor aspirates for SQ injections. I think she just wanted to give you a hard time.
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    watching IM shots in the hospital whilst in clinical- I have never seen aspiration, yet when we do labs at school we have to aspirate. Thus for the school I will aspirate but in practice I wont, espically since people have linked that it is no longer legally required. I assume the schools are still doing it the old way and will eventually move to no aspiration

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