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One more question: When you give dilantin via a PEG with a patient who is getting continuous TF, do you stop the TF for an hour before/hour after giving the medication? I had a patient in this... Read More

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    Quote from wooh
    Since it affects absorption, I'd do whatever the norm has been since the dilantin was started. If all of the sudden you're holding the tube feeding, and the patient is used to getting the amount absorbed with the feeding going, then they're going to suddenly be getting a higher dose absorbed.
    I've seen it orders (and facility policies) that specifying NOT to stop the TF (in LTC/SNF) which can save a lot of time/hassle during med passes.
    The rationale I've always been given is that since dosage is based on blood level it really doesn't matter if the feeding is held or not, just that however it's done is consistent.