Waiting for a CPNE test date

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    I applied for the CPNE a week ago, hoping for a test site in Wisconsin. I know that Excelsior says that one won't get their CPNE date for a couple of months, but I am getting impatient! My job is being phased out at the end of December and I would like to do my CPNE as soon as possible so that I can start working as a RN!

    Should I try to switch to the NPAC instead for a quicker test date? Or do I have to pay the penalty for switching from MPAC to NPAC?

    What has other people's experiences been with MPAC as far as getting a test date?

    Thank you!
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    I want to say there is a $100 fee to switch your region, but I could be wrong. I'd give the NPAC office a ring and chat with them -- there are more sites in the NPAC area, so they typically give dates a bit faster. Back when I applied (2007), I picked one MPAC site -- Mansfield -- because I could drive to it from Virginia, and it took me 5 months to just get my date!! Ugh. So I feel your pain, waiting is tough. Good luck!

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