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Hello I am looking at making a career change from business to nursing eventually going for NP. I need online live in Missouri found UWosh online accelerated, can anyone who is in or graduated from there give me details of how... Read More

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    Yes, I agree. I'm finally taking the TEAS next week, so I'm hopeful my interview will be scheduled shortly after they get my scores. Hope you feel good about yours! Best of luck!

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    Good luck to you too!! From what I've gathered from past cohort blogs, the biggest thing that the admissions committee is concerned with is past CNA experience- which worries me because I only have about 3 months of hospital experience.
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    Yes, that's my biggest concern as well. I can't even get a hospital around here to talk to me because the market is so tight, so I'm short on experience. I really want to be accepted for October because I'm just ready to move forward and do this, but I guess May wouldn't be the end of the world if I had to wait... I have really young children who wouldn't mind having me around for a little while longer before the craziness starts. At this point, I could maybe get a long-term care job, but no one wants to hire someone who could very well be quitting in six months, and I'd prefer hospital experience at this stage.
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    Ugh. I am so annoyed with ATI. I took the TEAS yesterday. It was computer-based, but they gave me a printout saying it will take "48 business hours" for my results to post to my account. Does that mean I have to wait six business days (assuming eight hours in a day)? And really, why even give computer-based exams if they aren't scored immediately? I may as well have done a scantron version. What a waste of perfectly good technology. I've read so many other posts saying their scores were printed immediately... I don't get why ATI doesn't have a standardized process for everyone who takes the same exam. I'm not a very patient person when it comes to this sort of thing, so this long application process may be the end of me. Sorry... just venting.
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    Mine took about 30 hours until it was posted on the website!! Don't worry about it! At least they send the results straight to Oshkosh. How'd you feel you did? Everybody recommended doing buying a study packet from ATI, but I decided to go without it :/
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    They finally posted this evening! I did well, actually. I'm pretty pleased, given how long it's been since I've really been in school (other than a couple pre-reqs here and there). I looked at the study guide the night before, but didn't study otherwise. Not that I'm convinced good TEAS scores will make up for my lack of CNA experience... I know that will be a strike against me, so I need all the help I can get in other areas.
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    Hey, Undsnow, how does the online interview work? Is it via email or chat or what? I don't expect you to tell me questions they asked or anything, but am curious about the format. I'm assuming mine will be scheduled soon now that my scores have been sent.
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    Of course! It's just an email interview basically. They send you the questions (at a time of your choice) and you have 30 minutes to reply back via email with your responses.
    And that's good about your TEAS results. I've read that they way pretty heavily on that, so that's good for you! My biggest concern (aside from lack of CNA experience) is that I'll be graduating in May with my first BS. Even though I have all the prereqs, I'm afraid that will count against me.
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    Thanks! I'm itching to get it scheduled and behind me, though I know the waiting will be so hard after it's done. I'm starting to stress about how the heck we're going to pay for all of it if I do get accepted. Of course, that applies to any accel program because none of them are cheap! Student loan limits are set with four-year programs in mind, not 2+ years crammed into a year. *painful*
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    How did your online interview go?!?

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