1. I came here for advice. I've been out of school the past 10 years and finally decided to get my BSN since my hospital is magnet they are starting to ask for it.
    Anyways, I have 2 kids, and work full time. Not making excuses but I need advice from those who have been to or are in the university of louisiana at lafayette RN-BSN program.
    I just started the program this semester, and I am crying as I am writing this, because I failed the first quiz. To me it was so difficult. I read all the chapters, and I made my own notes and went over my notes but still I did not make a decent grade.

    I feel like such a failure and feel like giving up on the program and dropping out even though I am gonna lose my money.
    I don't know how else to study.
    I have taken math classes online in the past and did ok. But this nursing theory I find it so difficult and not as clear.

    If anyone can give me some information about how to study please I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   ashmiller85
    I just started as well. Did you do the practice crossword puzzle prior to the quiz? I found that doing that helped me prepare for the quiz and gave me several answers to the quiz. Also, did you check the grade book for your final score? When I took the quiz it told me I received 10/20 points and I was initially crushed because I thought I failed it, but I checked the grade book and got the full 20 points. As I was getting ready to email the instructor to find out what I did wrong I realized many people had the same issue and he mentioned that out actual "final" grade for that quiz what was placed in the grade book, which made me feel a lot better.
  4. by   brenda1234
    Thanks for your response. I ended up with a 70 :-(

    I did the puzzle but I found it a bit difficult. I am gonna review it once we are allowed. I am so sad right now.
  5. by   ashmiller85
    The puzzle was really hard! I spent A LOT of time on it, and it seemed like some of the words were not the same as what the book stated. I used the check crossword button a lot to see what percent I had right while doing it because some of the words just didn't fit!!! I don't know if this was part of the problem, but did you notice at the top of the crossword it said "errors found 6" I don't know if that was the reason there were so many issues? Because I notice it while I had a blank screen so i didn't figure it was how many errors I had put in the puzzle
  6. by   Shuggypie
    Hang in there. Its only the first quiz. Now you know what to expect.
    1. Make sure you know the meaning of every term in bold print or italics and why its important overall
    2. There should be power points for each chapter. Print the power points and makes notes on them, I also put the page number on them where the info is found
    3.Go to the book's website sometimes they have helpful exercises which will reinforce the info
    4. I try to take the quizzes immediately following the readings without allowing too much time or days to pass
  7. by   brenda1234
    Thank you! I am gonna try those tips for next quz. I am gonna study a lot. I never thought the quiz was gonna be that difficult. & thank you for the encouraging wordss.
  8. by   ashmiller85
    I agree with taking the quiz right away. I literally read the chapters. Went over the power points with my book, did the crossword and the took the test all in one day so it was fresh. Then it was also easier for me to flip through the book for information for the quiz since it was fresh in my head!
  9. by   brenda1234
    True. I think I get so nervous when test taking. It's been so long! I am already working on my paper for tomorrow and read my chapters, but I am gonna re-read them again and then soon after take my test.
    Thanks for your advice, I greatly appreciate it. I really don't want to quit.
  10. by   ashmiller85
    Good luck to you brenda1234! You'll do great!
  11. by   BonniesmomRN
    I just started the RN to BSN program at ULL this month. The puzzle for me was hard and I also got the error 6 message. For the quiz's I have done okay. I found the terms in bold face and the key points very helpful. Also, when i go through the power points i read through the chapter. Today I am struggling with the discussion forum. The writing assignment was hard for me because its been a long time since i had to write a paper for a grade. yikes! We can do this!
  12. by   ashmiller85
    The paper frustrated me. It's hard to only write 3 pages I thought on that subject. And on my feedback, they wrote that I didn't address the assumptions, which was the intent of the paper. I thought I addressed every assumption, without actually saying "for this assumption, I did this...." Maybe that's what they were looking for I guess. I did ok on it-but since it's only worth 15 points, missing just a couple points brings your grade down quickly.
  13. by   brenda1234
    Yes the paper I thought was difficult too. I got a 13 :-( I don't know if that's good.

    The quiz is find hard because it's not really 10 questions -- it's more like 7-4 or 3 questions in each question and that makes me nervous.

    if I don't pass this class I am just gonna go to the private school in person. It's only once a week and it's $14k-- makes me cringe about the money but I really want to get my BSN
  14. by   brenda1234
    Ok so basically I am quitting.

    i feel that ULL was too difficult for me. The online quizzes are a killer. And the online discussion -- the discussion I got an extremely low grade.
    how am I supposed to pass?!?

    i don't think online is for me.

    unfortunately I will have to go to a for-profit school and just finish my desperately wanted and needed BSN there and just take my time going. their online program has no quizzes and mostly writing.

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