TCN- hate it, other programs?

  1. Hey fellow nurses. I'm an LPN looking to get my RN online. I've enrolled in The College Network and I am SO disappointed. Part of it is my fault, but I have realized that I need more structure. My advisor didn't tell me of all the hidden fee's and how much I'd actually be paying. I can't do self paced even though I work full time and have a 19 month old. I live in NC but we are military (not married) and we're never sure how long or where we'll be next. I am to the point with TCN of either seeing if there's ANY way to get my money back (haven't completed a course yet) or just pay the money and not do it. I was warned about them and didn't listen- lesson learned. I was looking for a program with structure but still able to do online, anyone know of anything? I have heard of RUE but am so skeptical now. Anything would help. Thanks!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    The College Network and Rue are both leading to the same thing, most likely -- the program through Excelsior College. If self-paced is not for you, you might want to look into ISU's LPN-BSN program. It will likely take you longer than EC would have, but it is structured, and you complete clinicals at a facility where you live. There is info here: Indiana State University DegreeLink Program: Nursing (LPN/LVN to BS) and also a forum on allnurses: Indiana State University Online Nursing Degrees