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Sociology CLEP exam help. - page 2

Hey guys well I've finished a few test already and my next step is sociology CLEP. Does any one got tips for the exam? What books should I buy? Any info is greatly appreciated. This is my first clep... Read More

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    I used for sociology. I hit it hard for about 3 days and and passed with a 58. I don't recommend procrastinating like I did, but it was an effective tool. I think i cost about $20. I didn't use any other study guides.
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    I never received any study guide so I don't think we'll be getting one sent out to us....
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    All study guides are available for download on the CLEP website but I believe they cost something minimal like $10.00.

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    Has anyone used the clep study guide from the clep website? That is what I was planning on using. I am not sure what the REA study guide that you guys are referring to.. this is my first clep so I am a little confused.
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