1. 0 Just wondering if anyone has done this route. I am planning on starting an online MLIS program next semeter. Planning on working in an Academic Hospital library when I finish: Fall of 2008. Anyone tried this option ? Thoughts would be very much appreciated.

    Seems to me like the RN and the MLIS would go together well. Though I also have an IT background which I figure will also be helpful.
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    Hi - I realize I'm answering this post several years after it was posted.

    I'm starting an online MLIS program in January. I have my MSN (Nursing Administration) and after 16 years in healthcare, I'm absolutely burned out. I still want to use my nursing knowledge, but apply it to an academic or medical library (either a university or hospital setting). I'm also interested in informatics and the program I selected has several informatics classes.

    I would be interested in hearing from others who have made the career switch from RN to Librarian.

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    I completed the MSLS online several years ago, and probably would not do it again. I have never been able to find employment in the field. I was given an opportunity at Penn as an Intern, but turned them down; most likely a major library career mistake.

    On the other hand there are many, many jobs in Nursing Informatics. I am finishing a free online HIT program at CCAC next month, and have a job lined up to start November 20th. I highly suggest you pursue that field and take the six month course sponsored by the Obama Healthcare Initiative.

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