RN to BSN, Fort Hays State University?

  1. 0 Anyone going to FHSU for their online RN-BSN or MSN program? I just started there this semester.
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    My friend Denise and I also started last week. What classes are you taking?
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    Same one you are, I think; Nursing transitions. Have you taken any other classes there, or is this the first for you (it is for me)?
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    I am taking transitions and Pathophysiology, first classes!
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    I didn't get into patho; I guess I wasn't quite sure when I was supposed to enroll (CM went on vacation, and I hadn't heard back yet about what I needed to take and when I should start taking them), and then I assumed there wouldn't be much competition for spots--silly me. I'm used to taking courses where there isn't a problem getting in, you know?

    So, how do you like patho? Is there a "lab" component, or is it just theory? Do they use the articulate presenter (I kind of like this as opposed to just slide shows)? Is it the same book for I&II? If not, can I buy your book?!

    How do you like transitions? Personally, I like how they do the class--but I am just not that excited about writing papers. I also have problems because I have a lit degree, and we always did papers in MLA; it's a bit confusing for me.

    I feel disorganized. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm on schedule, and I'm still confused about these articles we requested; they don't really have anything to do with our paper that we do right at the end, do they? I also wasn't very successful finding them in the library; I finally just emailed the library, and they sent me scanned copies. It makes me nervous for when I have to research for the final paper. Good thing, though, my work has a fairly comprehensive medical library and I should be able to find a lot there.

    It's so odd, having "disembodied students" in a class. I wish we all had a little picture of ourselves, such as an avatar by our name on the discussion board. It'd help me remember everyone! I like to put names et faces together.
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    are you guys done with the rn-bsn program fhsu and how many hrs clinical is required in the last semester,and is nursing concept hard
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    I'm checking into FHSU. How long is each class? Do they offer 24/7 tech support? Any info would be great!

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