RN to BSN, Fort Hays State University?

  1. Anyone going to FHSU for their online RN-BSN or MSN program? I just started there this semester.
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  3. by   dijaqrn
    My friend Denise and I also started last week. What classes are you taking?
  4. by   queenjean
    Same one you are, I think; Nursing transitions. Have you taken any other classes there, or is this the first for you (it is for me)?
  5. by   dijaqrn
    I am taking transitions and Pathophysiology, first classes!
  6. by   queenjean
    I didn't get into patho; I guess I wasn't quite sure when I was supposed to enroll (CM went on vacation, and I hadn't heard back yet about what I needed to take and when I should start taking them), and then I assumed there wouldn't be much competition for spots--silly me. I'm used to taking courses where there isn't a problem getting in, you know?

    So, how do you like patho? Is there a "lab" component, or is it just theory? Do they use the articulate presenter (I kind of like this as opposed to just slide shows)? Is it the same book for I&II? If not, can I buy your book?!

    How do you like transitions? Personally, I like how they do the class--but I am just not that excited about writing papers. I also have problems because I have a lit degree, and we always did papers in MLA; it's a bit confusing for me.

    I feel disorganized. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm on schedule, and I'm still confused about these articles we requested; they don't really have anything to do with our paper that we do right at the end, do they? I also wasn't very successful finding them in the library; I finally just emailed the library, and they sent me scanned copies. It makes me nervous for when I have to research for the final paper. Good thing, though, my work has a fairly comprehensive medical library and I should be able to find a lot there.

    It's so odd, having "disembodied students" in a class. I wish we all had a little picture of ourselves, such as an avatar by our name on the discussion board. It'd help me remember everyone! I like to put names et faces together.
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  7. by   smartypant
    are you guys done with the rn-bsn program fhsu and how many hrs clinical is required in the last semester,and is nursing concept hard
  8. by   shygoofyone
    I'm checking into FHSU. How long is each class? Do they offer 24/7 tech support? Any info would be great!