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  1. 0 I am currently in Nursing School now for my ADN-RN at Breckinridge School of Nursing through ITT-Tech in Tulsa, OK. and i'm ultimatly wanting to teach Nursing Students. I plan on getting my BSN through ITT-Tech as well since it is completly online, but i'm a little confused on which degree i would need to teach. I will be moving to Indiana( south of Indianapolis), after I get my BSN, so i would need to finish up there.

    Any advice?

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    Before you enroll in the BSN program through ITT tech, I would make sure it's NLNAC accredited. Many technical schools are not, and most MSN programs will not accept BSNs earned through non-accredited programs.

    ETA: I just looked - it's not accredited.
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    So, I was just looking at ITT's program. Their ADN program is not accredited either. At $493/credit, your full tuition for your ADN will cost you $53,000, is that correct? And then they want another $75,000 for the ADN-BSN program, that's also not accredited (you know you can get an online BSN through a completely legitimate accredited school for under $10,000, right)? Do you realize that this is absolutely criminal, and that this program is not even accredited? Please, I implore you to look elsewhere. You are being absolutely taken advantage of. This is not right.

    These for-profit technical colleges should be abolished. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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