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  1. Ok so after tons of research I have come to two ways to obtain my RN online after obtaining my emt-p license. There is excelsior with the 3 day cpne.Then there's Hutchinson Community College with 20 something days of clinicals that can be done either in your area or in Kansas (cant do this). BUT its half the price and i could possibly get financial aide. Question is... does anyone have experience with the hutchinson program? How easy is it to get clinicals in ur area from an out of state college? I know I have 2 years of emt school before this even comes up... i just want to know I can bridge to nursing before going through medic school. I wouldn't make enough as a medic and it is a stepping stone.
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  3. by   RN*mommy
    I can't answer your question about the specific programs you are looking at, but wanted to share what my husband did to go from emt-p to ADN/RN. He didn't do an online program, but he went to a local community college. His emt-p shaved a full semester off his schedule and he graduated in 18 months while working full-time as a firefighter/paramedic and working part-time as a tech in the ED. I should also mention he already had a bachelor degree in firefighting management when he did this so that took care of all the prerequisites. I don't know if that would work for you, but I thought I would share. Hopefully someone can answer you college specific questions as well.

    Best of luck!