Online Nursing schools?

  1. Heya!

    I think this is the right spot to post, if not sorry! But lately I've been thinking about getting a BSN. I have my associates and have for 3 years.

    The main problem with school is my work schedule, I work at a nursing home with 8 hour shifts 5 days a week so most schools would be out for me. However I was thinking about online nursing school. But I was wondering if it really is good? Has anyone tried online nursing classes? Is it fully online, or do you have to go into a school at certain times. Will the degree be seen in the same light as a actual, physical school's degree.

    Mainly I want to know if it really is worth it or would it be better to go to an actual school. And if it is worth it, what schools are good?

    Thanks so much for any input!
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  3. by   shawnsgirl
    Have you checked Excelsior college? It is a great distance program that allows you to get credits by exam and makes advancing your degree possible, even while working and raising a family. You can enroll directly (no need to go through facilitators like the "college network," they cost a ton and the materials are inadequate.) Just make sure your state recognizes them for licensure, there may be a couple of states that do not.)
  4. by   LauraChristine
    check out grand canyon university! get more info at:

    here is an example of the e-books they utilize: elsevier student life | e-training: free product resources

    new rn to bsn programs start weekly! good luck
  5. by   bubblejet50
    Im going to University of Nebraska Medical Center for my BSN. Its online with one clinical class that tbey say you can complete in your area. Its more of a research project I think. Its pricey for being out of state (i will be paying 771/credit hour instead of instates 250/credit hour) but the big plus is that its only 24 credits. Most of my nursing school friends who are going on to BSN programs are in longer programs. UNMC is competitive to get into but I got in first try with a nursing school gpa of 2.7 and overall gpa of 3.2. If you want to look it up go to and go to College of Nursing and find the RN-BSN program. The staff has been delightful there as well.

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