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I have been enrolled in excelsior college I just feel that is is a money pit and I will never finish! I was looking at Lamar State CollegePort Arthur online LVN to Rn program. I want to know if anyone has done that program... Read More

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    they never told me I hastily be working for awhile. I have te Gi bill tho to help me to pay for school... I am just hoping this program is legitimate and thy aret just trying to make a sale. they told me everyone who applies has gotten is as of yet . has anybody had any trouble with the program or getting into the program? thanks for your replies!

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    Did your friend complete the program thru Lamar?
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    Hello guys,
    I am about to finished the lamar state college pa lvn to rn mobility. I am currently on RNSG 2361 Clinicals starting October 29. Last day of school March 24, 2013. Graduation May 13, 2013. Can't wait to finish. Good luck to y'all.

    arlel 58
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    Hey Guys, I am new to the board/forum/site. I have a few questions about the Excelsior Program. I am currently not an LPN. I am starting my LPN program in Feb. of 13, and will be done in Dec. of 13. I was previously an ADN-RN student at my local community college, a 4 semester program. I initially failed my 3rd semester, went back repeated it-passed went on to 4th semester. I ended up withdrawing from my 4th semester 3 weeks prior to graduation. I was under the impression that by withdrawing I would be able to pick right back up at another school in my area... Not the case. After reviewing my options, doing a 9 month LPN program and then bridging back to RN looks to be my quickest/ cheapest option. I was planning on bridging back through a local community college. But I found the Excelsior LPN-RN program. And as I father of 4, working full time as a Emergency Medical Specialist/ Trauma tech in our level one trauma center, I just feel like the Excelsior program will be a better fit. Now on to my question... I am going to copy and past directly from the excelsior site,.....

    Effective January 1, 2012, applicants who have completed 50% of the clinical credit hours in an associate, bachelor's, or RN diploma nursing program are no longer eligible for direct admission to the School of Nursing. Individuals who have completed at least 50% of the clinical nursing credit hours with a minimum grade of C within 5 years of enrollment into Excelsior College will be reviewed on a case by case appeal basis. This appeal process requires submission of the undergraduate application, fee, official transcripts, and letter of appeal indicating where and how clinical skills are being practiced in a health care setting. Only applicants who are currently employed in a clinical capacity and maintained good academic standing (minimum grade of C in all nursing courses) throughout their nursing program will be considered in this appeal process.

    So... My questions is. Since I will be a new grad LPN, but since I have had RN clinical experience, am I am still eligible to apply?

    Also, I am in Illinois... and it looks like there are some extra requirements in regards to NCLEX.....

    Pre-Admission State Board Letter is needed.
    Endorsement: All graduates must endorse in with two years of RN experience.

    what does that mean?

    Thank you for any and all information anyone can provide, It is greatly appreciated!!

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    You will be able to apply as an LPN, but you might check with them sooner to see if you qualify as a 50% student.

    Regarding Illinois, you would have to work in another state or at a federal facility in Illinois under a license from another state for two years before Illinois will grant you licensure by endorsement. Licensure by exam is not an option for EC grads in Illinois.

    There is an EC-specific forum you can visit:

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