Ok, Deaconness or Excelsior? Advice??

  1. I researched Excelsior extensively 2 years ago, but did not apply because of the CPNE at the end of the course. It scares me to think that I wouldn't pass it and then be out all that time and money, etc. Also, the closest Sylvan center for testing is 200 miles round trip, and I know I'd have to go frequently to test. Also, I am a Medical Assistant, and let my certification go this year beacuse I haven't had time to recertify yet, and that is the requirement I would need to get in, since being an EMT no longer applies to the admission policy.

    But..how did you all decide which program is right for you? I like the clinical idea with Deaconess, but it may be more convenient to do Excelsior and test whenever. It is defiently less expensive, and I could maybe get through the program faster. However, even with as much clinical experience as I have, it's still not the same as what a "real" nurse does and I'm afraid I'd never pass the CPNE.

    How did you all decide what was right for you?

    Just curious...
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  3. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Can't really compare because I haven't done them both (you may have trouble finding anyone who has).

    I too researched. Didn't hear about Deaconness until after I had enrolled in EC, but I wouldn't change for the world.

    The price is right, the support is terrific--lots and lots of EC students out there.

    If you can do the procedures now that you need to do as a nurse, you will pass the CPNE. If you couldn't, would you want to be a nurse? When you might hurt somebody? Of course not!

    There are plenty of opportunities to review, and lots of people out there who have survived the CPNE and have guidance to share.

    Join us at EC (and no, I don't get a referral bonus for this LOL). Stay away from Excel Advantage (also called Academy of Nursing), but consider getting some study guides. Even if they are used (but recent) they should be fine. I consistently hear and read that they make EC very manageable....

    Catch up with other EC students in your area (you're not near Dallas are you? If so, catch up with me!) and get a "study buddy."

    Meantime--keep us all posted, and stay in touch. It's, shall we say, and interesting? challenging? world out there, and we can all use some help and support from time to time....

    Good luck!