Need Help Deciding on an RN-BSN School

  1. with the increased need for bsn prepared nurses, i have decided to go back to school to complete my bsn. i am torn as to which school to attend. i have been accepted to two schools and am considering applying to more. it would be a great help if you would give me your opinion.

    the school i am leaning towards is american sentinel, an on-line school with a very flexible schedule and reasonable tuition. it is accredited by commission on collegiate nursing education (ccne) and accrediting commission of the distance education and training council (detc). they offer classes that are eight weeks long every month. i have taken on-line courses before and am comfortable with them. my main concern with this school is that it is not well knows regionally. i live in the nyc metro area.

    the other school that i have been accepted to is bloomfield college, where i started my nursing studies but transferred to a community college for financial reasons. bloomfield has changed their curriculum since i was there last and will not count any of my previously taken courses. they also, like many schools in the area, only offer certain classes during certain times of the year and now have a cohort-like model.

    i know that next spring i will not be able to take classes because i am due with my second child on february 1st, which will greatly prolong my graduation from bloomfield.

    i just want to start a program that i can finish, afford, and be worth while. any opinion you could give, would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
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