MSN, NP (Gerontology) online...many questions

  1. I have 5 years of experience in acute care as an RN with BSN, and I'm considering taking distance learning/online classses to obtain an MSN in Gerontology NP. I have many questions. Please help.

    1. Is it up to my state BRN, which is California, to allow me to obtain my clinical experiences in this school? Is it my responsibility to find out if the state of California will consider these clinical experiences valid?
    2. I am considering University of North Dakota and University of Southern Alabama. Has anybody obtained their MSN or currently studying in these universities?
    3. Will potential employers not consider me for the job for the main reason that I obtain my MSN online?
    4. How do you know if an online program is legitimate? What do they have to be accredited by?
    5. What is the average rate per credit for these online classes?
    6. Any other online MSN programs with Gerontology NP specialty you recommend?
    I appreciate your answers in advanced. You don't have to answer them in order if it's easier. Just write away however! Thank you very much again
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