LPN to RN bridge in Canada?? Quickest method?

  1. Hello all,

    My name is Chris and I'm a recent LPN graduate of the Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba Canada. I have been researching ways to get my RN, for the most part.. it seems that its quicker to get your RN in the states than in Canada(tho there is the hassle of having to write the LPN exam again..).. Unless someone can prove me wrong.

    I don't really care for wanting to get a Bachelor's in Science of Nursing(not right way that is... its a 4 year program), but just want my diploma as an RN, in the states I guess you would call that an ADN or ASN?

    As far as I know, in Canada they are wanting to abolish the Diploma RN nursing program and want to strictly make it so that you can only acquire your RN through a bachelor's degree. But is there some accredited school elsewhere in Canada that offers an 8 to 10 months upgrade program from LPN to RN?? And please don't mention Athabasca university...(honestly, are they the only ones that offer an lpn to rn?? my goodness).

    Its really kind of ironic how the government touts the shortage of nurses across the provinces, when the courses are made very inaccessible to the general public. I took my LPN as it was only 15 months in length but very intense with no breaks or holidays in-between(instructors at ACC touted their LPN course to be the old RN program, only unofficially). But who can really afford to take a full 4 years off from their life and debts/bills to go to school??

    - Chris
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Chris, I don't think you're going to find a bridge to diploma RN anywhere in Canada. All the provinces but Alberta have already gone to the degree for entry to practice and we're going that way at the end of this year. The schools have already tailored their programmes to that end.
  4. by   zerophyte
    And when you mention Alberta, than I assume you refer solely to Athabasca's LPN to BScN bridge program by distance ?

    Its really too bad I cannot send my transcripts from Assiniboine Community College for my LPN credits to Athabasca right now since they require me to have worked a full 1700 hours first... Which i unfortunately do not have yet...

    But apparently, depending on how much credits will transfer, and if I finish Microbiology beforehand, I might only spend about 8 to 10 months doing the distance program.. and then go to Alberta for 3 months worth of clinical I guess..

    So Athabasca it is... i guess.. unless I try a distance program in the states that allows international students, granted I gain licensure in the states without a social security number by writing the nclex-pn in Minnesota.
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Grant McEwan and Mount Royal used to have on-campus bridging and diploma programmes and now they don't because of the change in entry to practice. There is no point enrolling people who won't be finished the course before the cut-off date, so they've closed those.

    What kind of clinical practice would you get from an online programme based in the US? I'd caution you to look into that part of it very carefully so that you don't end up being refused registration due to a lack of "acceptable" clinical experience. But I guess if you're looking for quick, that might have to be your option.
  6. by   styRN
    Now that 7 provinces have made BScN minimum entry to practice, the bridge program is difficult to find and can be very selective. One of the biggest problems/concerns for professors and students was the lack of academic preparation at the diploma level to make the transition to a degree program successful. Profs have told me that the majority of students were ill-prepared acedemically and intellectuly to succeed. That being said, check into the program still offered collaboratively between Centennial College (Scarborough, ON) and Ryerson (Toronto). It may not be offered for much longer pending its success.
  7. by   EdmontonAB
    Better check more into the LPN to BN program at Athabasca. I'm taking it now, I'm pretty sure it's going to take you more than 8-10 months. There are also 4 clinicals. Two are 1 month each, one is 10 days, and the final one is three months.
    Hope this helps.
  8. by   zerophyte
    How many credits were you awarded from your LPN credits towards the BN Program?? If you don't mind my asking..
  9. by   EdmontonAB
    I whole program is 120 credits. I was awarded 30 credits for the LPN program so I have to do a total of 90 to complete the program.
  10. by   zerophyte
    You took your LPN in Alberta, EdmontonAB?? Or where did you take it?

    I compared the course outlines/credits from my LPN program in the Assiniboine Community College (Brandon, MB) to most of the colleges in Alberta, and from what I can tell... The Alberta LPN programs are moderately watered down or fall short of several courses in contrast to my training at Assiniboine Community College. Hence, some sites(including Red River College, MB) tout the ACC LPN Program as "Enhanced", and instructors labeled our program as the RN diploma program that existed before the Bachelor's Nursing came into play.

    So, I am somewhat hopeful that I will be awarded somewhat more than just 30 credits for transfer into the BN program at Athabasca, in their credit transfer description they have a * beside the "30" with an explanation that more may apply with a PLAR assessment of more university level courses.

    Ack, I hope I'll have my 1700 working hours down soon so I can send in my transcripts for evaluation... This is just killing me... >_<
  11. by   EdmontonAB
    Actually I took it in Nova Scotia back in 1990 and then did a refresher 5 years ago. You can transfer university credits into the program so hopefully you can apply some.

    Good Luck!

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