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I am a LPN, considering EC to bridge to RN. I am concerned about the lack of information on the excelsior website. I'm trying to locate former EC students to find out what their total cost was? Any help, info. would be great!... Read More

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    Quote from savagetrojan
    application $75; enrollment $895; eight nursing exams @ $250 = $2000; FCCA $390; CPNE $2025; IF you buy practice exams @ $65 each =$520; graduation fee $495 that totals $6400. That DOES NOT include any books, study guides, webinars, seminars, workshops or any other study materials. This also doesn't take into consideration if you have ANY prerequisites to finish. IF you were to get everything online and in libraries for free and then used your practice exams to guage your progress AND you were completely cofident in your abilities to write proper careplans and pass the CPNE then that would be your cost. In reality you should add at the least another $1100 to that total for a grand total of $7500. I only say add that much because even if you get ALL the recommended books from half.com or ebay you are still going to spend a couple hundred and unless you have a site near your home to take the CPNE you may incur travel and hotel expenses and unless you are extremely confident in your abilities you may reconsider and want to take a CPNE workshop. I am just starting out myself but I hate suprises and I live in reality. I can't see how it can cost ANY LESS than this, if someone that has "been there/done that" can dispute this amount I would love to hear how they did it so I can save some money too. On the brighter side, Excelsior gives out small $250-$500 scholarships every quarter and you may be one of the lucky ones to get one. I'm hoping I am!
    Just an FYI, you have to submit FAFSA to Excelsior by March 15th to be considered for the April scholarships. I have to get cracking on mine!!!

    And I was not kidding about getting all the required nursing texts for really cheap. I got the enormous Smeltzer M/S book for $14 with CD-ROM, Psych for $4.50, Chronicity for $10, Maternity for $15, Pharm for $8.... you just have to shop around :-)

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    I too have bargained shopped. I wish you had come on previously smartnurse1 posted a site to get the med/surg book for free(download) I managed to get the pharm book, fundamentals, nursing diagnosis, diet/nutrition and pediatrics for a total of $42 on half.com the fundamentals was the current edition, the others were one behind.I also ordered studygroup101 study material off ebay for $60. I have read from some other posters that they never bought a book, just studied the cds from studygroup. I just wish the practice exams were less expensive or free, it doesn't seem right to charge for something that doesn't get you credit but we all know the deal before we jump in. I am waiting for "approval" from my employer as they pay 80% up to $2000 a year toward my education but being Excelsior is "nontraditional" I am having to jump through hoops to prove to them the RNs that come from Excelsior in many ways are better prepared nurses than new grads from most nursing programs.
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    Quote from j464335
    I am concerned about the lack of information on the excelsior website.
    If you go to excelsior.edu, click on the "programs" tab, then go under the Associate in Science in Nursing page (http://www.excelsior.edu/ecapps/face...on=detail&id=4), there are some downloads to the right -- the school of nursing catalog contains a wealth of information.

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