LPN-BSN w/ ADN option midway??

  1. Im currently studying for Micro for Excelsior. I already applied for the ADN program but I am still open to other possibilities. My mind is more at ease about the CPNE but occasionally I still would like to see other options without such a thing. It also would be good to keep goig instead of the hiatius of taking the boards and applying and enrolling again. I am wanting to find out about lpn-bsn programs that allow you to obtain your adn along the way. The only reason I am not going straight for bsn, there are 2 reasons: 1, I would like to work as a RN as soon as possible to start saving money for school, 2, I would like to gain critical care experience as an RN as soon as possible. If there is a program that lets you enroll immediately after graduating before taking the nclex too please share.

    Please help, thanks!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I swear, I am not stalking you on these forums! lol.

    EC used to have an LPN-BSN option, but they did away with that in ... 2003? Something like that. Sure, you can continue with them for the BSN, and many students do, but I know what you mean and it's not the same. The only option I know of that does LPN-BSN is Indiana State University, but I don't believe they confer an ADN in the middle. The other distance programs I've heard of are community-college-based, so no BSNs available from them.

    Let us know if you find anything!
  4. by   Ultraposh
    No i would never think that! You are really good helping everyone in this section I was actually worried that you may have not wanted to answer my questions haha. I wanted to pm this to you but I didn't want you to think I'm too lazy to research for programs like this. Ive tried. I didn't know EC's lpn-bsn was gone I actually was trying to choose between adn or bsn like I had a choice haha! I still haven't enrolled yet. I'm enrolling after I get more prereqs out the way. I was convinced if anyone knew of this it would be you so if you haven't heard of anything I'd say the chances are slim that this exists. I'm most likely just going to do the adn and bsn after through EC