Lamar state college port arthur online nursing program 2012

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    Has anyone else applied to start in June 2012?! Or is already attending. Looking to get to know other classmates.

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    Just waitin on my acceptance letter, which they swear will be out "latter this month". Am also stil waiting to hear if my employer has received their "partnership" packet. Times gettin close.
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    I got my letter for April class, but since I wanted to start in June since it flowed better with my schedule I'm just waiting on new letter. Got my books for the first class. Hope that's all we need,.don't know about certain computer programs/software.
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    Says we need webcam for monitoring during exams, havent heard of any other though. Guess we'll fing out when the letters are out.
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    I've applied to the Sept 2012 program - would love to hear your thoughts as you go through the first classes!!
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    I am currently in the LVN to RN online program at Lamar State Port Arthur. I am currently taking RNSG 2535. That is the last class before your clinicals. If you have any questions or concerns, etc..just leave me a note here or to my email @ I know how it feels to go thru the program and not know anyone or what to expect. It's always nice when you can get some information or feedback from others so you know what to expect.

    Austin Nurse
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    Hi Austin Nurse!!! I have a friend that is looking to go to Lamar for the LVN-RN program. How do you like the school so far? Was it difficult to get into?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    accepted. paid tuition. got books etc. did my part, whats the next step besides logging in, kinda feel as if im in the dark. do we get a sylabus or what?
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    CBJ, do you have to be working as a LVN for six months before you can apply?
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    Hello! I received my acceptance letter 2 days ago but,... I am very (extremely) freaked about the unknown... not sure what to expect... any comments, suggestion or anything anyone can tell would be awesome!

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