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If anyone out there knows how to find this magical university, let me know! I have done an extensive spread sheet to find the program I need, and I can't find it, so my last hope is to put it forth to all of you!! I need my... Read More

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    Hi Cindy1ou,

    I hope you do post your spreadsheet! I have been putting one together as well trying to find a school that meets almost the same criteria as you but it seems that school does not exist! And as Purple Scrubs said, it is like running through a maze on some of the school websites to find out basic information (i.e, cost per credit hour, site visits required, etc.)

    Here is a link to a post that lists online MSN programs:


    Frontier sounds like a great school and there are quite a few threads from happy students on the Nurse Practitioner forum.

    Schools I have found that do not require the GRE are:

    University of Cincinnati
    University of South Alabama
    University of Southern Indiana
    Indiana State University
    Ball State University

    Good luck....and really hope you do publish your spreadsheet...and LunahRN publishes her RN-BSN spreadsheet again. I'm an RN and have a BS-Biology but have not had much luck finding a reasonably priced bridging program so thinking it might be easier to do RN-BSN online first.

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