I need help badly.. what school do i pick??????

  1. 0 I have this dying need to get my bachelors as soon as possible. Im in my twenties no kid and no husband...for now. I graduated from a two yr college in may 2006 and will start my rn-bsn in january2007.

    My issue is i applied to a reputable and known school in my state for thier online program. I have all my prerequisites done. ( i am told if i want to i can take it strictly online or mix my classes with traditional classes). If i go fulltime online..it takes a year.

    My job however has a contract with a school. Thier rn-bsn program lasts 2 yrs and 10 months but they meet once a week in the hospital. The program mixes prerequisites and nursing classes together. So even if i have taken those particular prerequisites , i get those weeks off but i still have to gradaute with everybody else. ( my cohort). A lot of my older coworkers are in the program.

    My job is pretty good..its self scheduling and i work 3 12 hour shifts and one weekend a month. I really want to do the online thing because i dont want to do the rn-bsn program in three yrs but i am so confused. Will i be able to work fulltime and go to school online full time? do i just stick with the cohort program? I am so confused...pls i need advice.
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    tough decision. If I was in your position, I'd do the cheapest and quickest (not necessarily the easiest), which ever that is.

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