How to study for Excelsior exams

  1. Hi guys. I'm sure you have been asked this hundreds of times but what process did you guys use to study for the exams? I enrolled in the program awhile ago but life got in the way. Then there was the whole licensure thing here in GA. Now I am ready to start taking exams but don't really know the correct way to study. All of my previous education was in brick and morter schools where someone told you what to study. I am currently a RRT with lots of nursing friends that I can go to skills wise but all of them were trained in traditional schools so they are at a loss on helping me with this one.

    I have all of the required text, Saunders review for nclex, Lisa's notes and studygroup 101. Any suggestions on a study regimen/routine ?

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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    My suggestion, after picking whichever exam you want to do first:

    1. Download the EC exam content guide.
    2. Register for the exam as well as the practice exams ($65 and worth every penny).
    3. Schedule your exam. This is now your deadline. I used to schedule mine for 3 to 4 weeks out.
    4. Do the reading as outlined in the content guide, using your various sources.
    5. Do the first practice exam (called "Form A"). See how you do. Go back and study any weak areas.
    6. Do the second practice exam ("Form B"). See how you do. Do any touch-up studying.
    7. Take your exam and pass.

    This is pretty much what I did. I spent a lot (okay, most) of my free time studying, but I did all the nursing exams in about 5 months, with all A's and one B.
  4. by   Cardiowheezer
    Thanks Lisa. That's kind of what I'm doing now. I guess I just feel a little off. I'm so type A. That's probably my problem. LOL. I never can have too much prep. Thanks again!

  5. by   Pixie.RN
    If you're as Type A as I am, then definitely schedule the exam to give yourself a deadline. I had to do that, or I would have studied into oblivion!! Good luck!!
  6. by   neuro9
    Do you have to be enrolled to take the Excelsior practice exams?

    Thanks, Jan
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from neuro9
    Do you have to be enrolled to take the Excelsior practice exams?
    Good question! I think you can, as long as it's an exam for which you can register without being enrolled. There is info here, and it refers to "enrolled and prospective students" being able to register:
  8. by   neuro9
    Thanks Lisa!