Help, Please? GA RN, need refresher self study advice!

  1. I allowed my GA license to lapse, and due to my location, I have found none of the online refresher courses to be an option. This is mostly due to the colleges having no relationships with the institutions here, and, thus, this makes the precepted clinical requirement difficult to complete.

    I am leaning towards developing a self study for myself to fulfill the 40 hours of nursing theory required. I have a place to do my clinicals in mind. But, any advice you may provide would be much appreciated.

    Do any of you have an outline or list of the subjects I need to include in my self study (things like GABON rules and regulations and pharmacology)? My study, of course, needs to add up to the 40 hours required. Perhaps someone has taken a GABON approved refresher and has the course outline handy. I realize an narrative explaining each study requirement would take some time, so, if you could just provide a list including each requirement, I would be most grateful.

    Thanks very much in advance,
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