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Hello all, My Name is Tonya, I am an Lpn of over 10 years, with quite a wide range of experience. After stalking these boards for quite some time, I have finally subscribed to allnurses. I have also just begun this distance... Read More

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    Hi Tonya! Welcome to the fun! Looking forward to seeing your progress at Excelsior! Lots of GREAT info here and some really nice folks. My oldest title is LPN for 20 years, followed by COA & CSA. I have worked in a few departments too but I LOVE surgery, and have been there since 1997. Enjoy your classes and just yell if you need a hand!

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    and check in her often it is what has kept me motivated throughout this journey, couldn't have done it without this site!!!
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    Tonya how did you do on your uexcel exam? I take it on Tuesday. So far I have devlopemntal psych, sociology, A&P and micro. Ive done well on all of those so far but im not very good at writing! Hopefully i get lucky!

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