Grand Canyon University Stats Class

  1. I will be starting HLT-362V Applied Statistics for Health Care Professionals very soon at GCU. I'm wondering if anyone that has already taken it has any information about the class itself. What can be expected? Any tips on grasping this horrible (for me) class? How is the class composed? Are there papers? group projects?

    We've heard through the grapevine that there are youtube videos made by GCU students but they are nowhere to be found. Any truth to this rumor?

    I really appreciate any info you can provide.

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  3. by   JRich
    I am starting this class on Monday. How was it for you? I am pretty nervous for it. Are you liking this school? I am finding all the group work to be annoying. I always get put with people that don't pull their weight.
  4. by   kmdjkennedy
    Did you ever find the youtube videos? Any helpful suggestions for the class?