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I'm looking for options. I had a second failure in my final semester of BSN at a school in Georgia. Is there an alternative path for someone in my situation? I have passed everything needed to graduate except this one class... Read More

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    Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I'm grateful for any advise offered.
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    I'm in a very similar situation. I failed my final in my last Associates Degree class (Med-Surg). Having already voluntarily withdrawn from the program on a previous occasion this was considered my last chance. I'm currently trying to get into Chamberlain College of Nursing in Columbus Ohio. They also have a campus in Atlanta. Maybe they will work for you. Just a thought, good luck.
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    I would try to stay in the school you're at and try and retake the course. The majority of schools have a 'residency' requirement meaning you need to take you're last 25 or so credits there in order to get a degree. If you transfer you can't just redo that course and get a degree you'll need to repeat others as well.
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    Sorry this happened, but sometimes in life you have to take 4 steps back to go 2 steps all the states BON to see which one would let you challenge the LPN and then you can reapply back to your college or some other one...good luck.