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  1. Hi there! I'm new to allnurses and have decided to post. I have been reading many threads about LPN-RN through Excelsior, and also about the LPN-BSN program online through Indiana state Univ. I am a young LPN ready to take the next step asap, as I'd love to work in the OR as a FA. I have spoken already with ISU, and have already applied, with plans to enroll into the College of Nursing in Nov. (which would mean I would have a month to get everything together-yikes). After enrolling, I would still have min. 2 yrs before the program is complete bc it follows a normal semester schedule. Then, I read a lot of informative threads about Excelsior. Some of you were saying you finished in 4-8mos. Now that is more like it. I checked out the program and have all pre-reqs, plus some done. So, essentially this means I'd be able to go right into the nursing courses? I would love to to finish in a more reasonable time frame, then cont. on to get my BSN, but I do not know what I should go with. I am soo sick over this. Being that it is a life-changing decision, I don't know what is best and don't want to make the wrong choice. It would be VERY appreciated if some of you Excelsior grads and current students could give me some more great insight into this route. Thank you in advance for encouragement/guidance from a more experienced crowd. Nurses ROCK!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    One thing that might be a "dealbreaker" in terms of Excelsior College (EC) is whether or not it is accepted in your state: http://www.excelsior.edu/state-board-requirements

    There are a couple state BONs that will not license EC grads because we didn't have clinicals concurrent with theory (namely California and Maryland). Other states require extra hours, or time as a RN in another state before allowing EC grad RNs to endorse their licenses.

    However, I think ISU has some of these same issues as far as not being accepted in all states ... there is a map of states where the degree is recognized: http://www.indstate.edu/lpn-bs/image...isu-lpn-bs.gif

    Not sure if that helps. EC is self-study and self-paced, which means the speed at which you finish will depend on your motivation and ability to learn material on your own. ISU is not self-study, which gives students a bit more structure.

    Good luck in making your decision!
  4. by   RNFADreams
    Thank you for getting back to me and for the helpful links ab approved states/states that require extra clinical hrs. I had seen posts regarding that and didn't know where to look! Thank you thank you! I am in OH, so I think I'm ok? I am still deciding, but I like that I can get started asap and be done when I want to be. I don't like that there are no clinicals throughout the program, just one big check-off. That part makes me cringe. Only bc I want the patient care time and I also like that most clincal time coincides with what you are learning. Looks like if I want to be done quickly, I'm going to have to be proactive in my own learning. I looked at getting some practice materials (ie an IV/injection pad, wound packing kit) for home. I know they aren't the same as real pts, but if I don't get the clinical time, I need to make a scenario up myself. Where I currently work, I do not have contact with IV's, deep wounds, trachs, or any tubes. Seems like EC is where you need to be creative. Hhmmm..:/.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Yeah, the clinical exam -- the CPNE -- can be daunting. It definitely makes success in EC's program not a "sure thing." Granted, a nursing student can fail out of any kind of clinicals, but I understand your reservations. But just be aware that the CPNE tests students on basic assessment and basic management -- the key word being "basic." Nothing terribly invasive, you won't be asked to start an IV or anything like that.

    A friend of mine from Ohio did EC, and had no problems with her licensure there.
  6. by   RNFADreams
    I feel like I should be extra prepared and review any clinical skill I would need in the real world, as well as the CPNE prep. Also, there are workshops you can attend. I am thinking..yes to the EC route. Thank you for your help!

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