Excelsior FCCA exam....made mistake?!? Excelsior FCCA exam....made mistake?!? | allnurses

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Excelsior FCCA exam....made mistake?!?

  1. 0 I can't call Excelsior now but will later....but i was wondering if anyone here when taking their FCCA made a mistake with pen? I'm an idiot and should have used a pencil...lol...so now i'm wondering what in the world i can do to fix this mess. any suggestions?
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    i would put a single strike and put "error" on top then use pencil afterwards.

    you should not work initially on the actual fcca forms. i typed all my answers first on the computer then did all my numerous edits and when i was sure, transferred it to the fcca forms.

    do not freak out. you can do this.

    good luck,
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    thanks...i knew i shouldnt use a pen but we just moved and i didnt have a single pencil in this house lol...and im not really wanting to get me and my daughter out in all this nasty weather. haha...o well i errored it and will carry on!! thanks