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Very interested in EC and have a few questions about their program (their website is not user friendly lol) 1)Where are the general education credit exams/ nursing exams taken? from what I understand so far, at a local... Read More

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    If you already have BSN credits, can you not continue at the same school? I wouldn't count on a lot of BSN programs giving you credit for another school's classes.

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    i just want to give my knowledge regarding universities accepting excelsior.

    i am planning on taking the lpn-rn with excelsior, then my rn-bsn through a local state university. they have informed me that they take your license and give you credits based on your license, as long as you pass one of their tests. so they do not look at where the degree came from, but the fact that you have an rn license. that is what counts. i am referring to the unc/uncc nc state programs. ecu and wcu also have the same policy.
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    i know that is the problem i am running into. i is all about money with most of these school. And because of family issue at the time I ran into some issues and not able to complete certain assignement and the school and professor were not understanding. that is why i am not finishing there.

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