ECPI what do I need to know (RN to BSN) ECPI what do I need to know (RN to BSN) | allnurses

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ECPI what do I need to know (RN to BSN)

  1. 0 It is accredited. It cost just over 27k, but it appears that I can take the required microbiology class online???
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    Not exactly sure what you are asking here, but I suggest you attend University of Texas-Arlington. It is about $10K, all online, and the micro is also online. No clinicals, accredited, etc. is the website. I just graduated from UTA.
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    Hi Mikala3,
    I am the program director for ECPI's RN-BSN program. The program is 45 weeks long, full-time. You earn a 120 hr bachelor of science in nursing. The microbiology course is a prerequisite class - and you can take it at any local college or at an ECPI/MCI campus. The microbiology is not offered online. If you have any other questions, please call the ECPI/MCI campus in Virginia Beach and ask for the BSN Department. 757-497-8400. Dr. Deborah Clark, Ph.D., MSN, RN, CNE
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    Sorry, I'm on a rotating schedule, I cant attend classes no matter where they are.