CSUDH MSN online program, anyone *thinking* of starting?

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    I want a buddy to start with together....I took the BSN online program through CSUDH and finished a few years ago. I kind of wish I went back shortly after for MSN. I really do not want to go back to school but I need a change and I am noticing more jobs and nursing things requiring or preferring MSN. I said I am done with school but now I am like what if in a few years or ten I will think I should have done it back then. So I am thinking of applying but wondered if anyone else is? I know how that school is because of the BSN program and its lots of group work online, that was my main stress lol, and clinicals set up by yourself and just a few visits to the actual campus. I know we probably wouldnt end up in the same class or same group but it would be nice to have a buddy to discuss, work on school, stress together. Im extreme so its either Im going to take one class per semester and take years or just go in as full as one can handle. I work really hard when I am in school, hopefully you do too. Reply or email me (if this site lets you email?). I live in the San Fernando Valley area, hopefully you are near by LA area? Im late 20s, female. If any of that matters, I dont care tho. Thanks
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