CPNE Workshops in Ohio

  1. Hello All

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a good CPNE workshop in Ohio. I live in Cleveland and I heard of workshops in PA but I was hopin not to be driving to far. I have a little ways before I CPNE but my stress level is rising cuz of the horror stories I've heard.

    Also, a fellow graduate told me she had her doctor write a Rx for Propranolol for her CPNE- she had real bad hand shakes when nervous (thats me too) wonderin if anyone has or will take something to calm them down during the CPNE. The examiners I hear, does not care if your nervous.


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  3. by   OSUFan1
    I know Excelsior offers a workshop in Columbus, you can check the website for the dates other than that, I worked with a couple of people who had to go to Indianapolis for theirs. WE live about a hr. south of Columbus. I am just getting started with excelsior but checking out options for workshops so I know how far I will have to go. Columbus is closest but cost 750.00 so i dont know yet. I wont have to worry about it for awhile.
  4. by   cabincandles01
    Hello- Im looking for an Ohio or PA workshop as well. I live on the eastern side of ohio.
  5. by   cabincandles01
    Im looking for Ohio or PA wokshop as well.

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