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  1. 0 Am looking for nursing continue education websites!
    Pls can u publish some med surg nursing continue education websites pls!
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    When I google "nursing continuing education", the first site that comes up in the unpaid listings is the one I use for most of my hours that I can't get from classes at work.
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    I'm taking a geriatric resource nurse class and needed CEU's last night, so I googled geriatric nurse free CEU's and got a large selection. I suggest you try something similar.
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    Nursing Spectrum has online courses that offer CEUs. Some of the courses offer more than one CEU; there's one that offers 30 and another that offers 20. They have hundreds of topics. They're all free and ANCC accredited.
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    try the companies that make hospital equipment.
    Baxter has a site, Atrium has a site----
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    There are free CEUs everywhere, just Google it. Also, if you are old school and like CEUs on paper, you can subscribe to the free nursing publications like Nursing Spectrum or Advance for Nurses and they almost always have a free 1 CEU article in every issue. Or, just look on their websites.

    But I have a question: are CMEs "transferable"? The Infectious Disease Society of America offers an AACME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) accredited course on Lyme Disease. Does AACME accreditation "transfer"? Who would I ask? Maybe an email to the ANCC...
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    Thanks a lot for ya reply! God Bless!
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    Also go to your state BRN website and find out which ones they will approve.
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    Thanks for all ya reply!