1. 0 Chronicity schedule for next week soooo nervous.
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    :heartbeat Good Luck!! :heartbeat
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    Good luck.
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    I will see you tomorrow. You are gonna do great!!! :-)
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    wishing you the best! =)
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    Thanks for all the well wishes ladies.....
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    pass chronicity this afternoon.... thank god, i thought this test was never going to end lol so many questions...
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    I knew you would girlfriend! TWO MORE!!! :-)
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    Thank you ladies... can't believe two more to go, CANNOT WAIT. Al let me know if you are having a study would love to join... I have your book in my car, so I can give it back. Thanks!
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    I want to get on LS2 as soon as I pass Repro next week! I am thinking April 12 I will take it. Maybe we can get together one night before that, I have off every weeknight and every other Sunday :-)

    I finished Info Lit the other night. So once we finish LS2, I can take two of my Gen Ed's and be w/in the 10 credits to be eligible for FCCA and CPNE--so hopefully we can test together!!! I printed the CPNE study guide out at work the other night, that thing is huge!!!
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    al- you are ahead of the game mama... so glad i met you, keep me motivated... i am gathering some study materials for the ls2 maybe we can do a thursday afternoon let me know.
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    I am glad we met too, I can't believe you were in the same hospital as me this whole time and I never knew it!

    I lost my SG101 CD, I am going to have to tear my house apart soon to find it for LS2 but I need to order Life Span from them anyway so I can just have them throw it on there again if I can't find it. I scheduled for 4/12 in Melbourne but if I can find a better date in PSL I might change it. I am so superstitious. I am afraid I might not have as good of luck if I go somewhere else LMAO.

    Thursdays are always good for me I just gotta ask my Dad to baby sit :-)

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