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    I would appreciate any feedback regarding this program.

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    I have looked at this program mostly because of the price and the good accreditation. I have done research and the school look good, I am not sure how they can afford to offer the program for the current tuition ($4,800). I need an MSN for a promotion at the state run facility I work at and will probably choose Aspen. I talked to the Dean last week, if you are interested I suggest you contact her as well, she was very helpful in answering my questions.
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    I spoke with their admissions counselor today and she is going to have Kathleen Schachman contact me. It was great to see that 6 hours ago across PRNewswire Aspen Universities Nursing program was granted their most recent accreditation. It was also highlighted in the online version of Advance Nurses. There is was nothing but Kudos for Aspen University. So I will be starting in the RN to BSN bridge and then on to the MSN portion. I am excited and energized. My nursing career needs a boost.
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    I am stunned that it is possible to obtain a CCNE-accredited MSN so inexpensively. Does anyone else have feedback re: Aspen?
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    I am starting the second half of my first course at Aspen and so far no complaints. The reason they can offer reasonable tuition is they have limited overhead and have cut out the "fluff" that raises tuition prices. The textbooks I am using are the same as ones used by our local universities.
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    I am just about to start my RN to MSN with Aspen University. Can you, please give me more feedback about how you like the classes and how long it usually takes you to complete a class?
    Thank you.
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    Great! The classes are very manageable. I just completed my first course and I would recommend Aspen to everyone. Their Nursing program is new so the numbers of nursing students are small. The benefit is personal attention, they want to know what you think about the program, and they are trying to make a difference in nursing and it is not all about the money. It takes me about 15 -20 hours a week to complete a module. You can do it as fast or slow as you want as long as you complete the module in the designated amount of time ( usually 10 weeks) I do a module a week. I am only taking one course at a time too. There are some doing it much faster.

    I look forward to seeing you on the nursing board. Good luck.
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    I too am just about to start my MSN with Aspen. So far I am very pleased with what I have heard about their program and I find their staff to be very personal and helpful. Finally, an affordable, CCNE-accredited MSN with a personal touch. So glad I waited to find this program!!
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    I am very interested in the Aspen program, please keep us updated
    on your progress. Would like some feedback on the pros/cons of
    this online program. So far, looks great!
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    I am very happy with this program. The best thing is they are interested in your opinion and feedback. It is affordable, their nursing program is very manageable I work full time and take call for two large practices and still get the assignments done. I highly recommend them!!!

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