Are there any Excelsior LPN-RN grads here who went on to a BSN program afterward?

  1. hello all,

    i am going to enter excelsior college as an lpn, in the state of ny. afterward, i would like to apply to several rn-bsn programs. i do not want to waste my time. i just wanted to get some feedback from others. did any of you have an issues, down the road, getting into bsn programs with your excelsior rn degree? i would be particularly interested to hear back from people in the ny area. my idea was to graduate as an rn, from excelsior college, and apply at a bunch of suny colleges. given that i will have small children, i'm looking to enter a bsn program (suny, hopefully) that i can finish my rn-bsn online, for the most part.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    There are many online RN to BSN programs. If you want to attend one of the NY programs, do some calling around or look on their websites to see if they have the kind of program you are looking for. You should have no problem with EC being accepted in NY.
  4. by   StrawberryBanana
    That's great. I actually have a few SUNY colleges in mind. Stony Brook & Empire State College SUNY. I hope there aren't any issues being accepted there. That would be wonderful . Do you know if it's just as competitive going from RN-BSN as it is getting into an initial Nursing program? Let me tell you, that was crazy! The place I applied had 600 applicants and less than 38 seats.