Anyone going to Mansfield Ohio for CPNE soon?

  1. Is anyone going to Mansfield soon fo cpne? or have you went lately? if so did you like the hospital, staff, and CE"s?
    i live in indiana and Mansfield is the closest option for me. i was also wondering which hotels offered shuttles to the cpne? thanks so much!
    everyone here has made me believe i can do this too and become an RN!!
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  3. by   BeachCathyRN
    You can do this and Good Luck!!! Not there yet myself but so close just three classes away!!
  4. by   WestPalmLPN
    Of course you can do it... good luck!!!
  5. by   crazywoman
    I am scheduled to test in Mansfield Feb 11-13. Do you have a date yet hotnurse?
  6. by   Murse901
    I passed in Mansfield on 9/24-9/26 this year. I was extremely nervous, with so much riding on it, but the CA did all that she could to make us all feel more at ease. While they did not do any handholding or teaching during the labs or PCS's (they were just stoic observers, which was expected), they were all very supportive outside of check-off time, and they all seemed to be genuinely excited to tell me that I had passed after each PCS and especially excited at the end. I almost felt like the CA was more excited than I was after I knocked out that last PCS.

    The hospital is very, very nice. Top of the line equipment, very clean, and it's a beautiful facility overall. It was kind of confusing walking around, and kind of like a maze in some areas, but the floors where you will do PCS's are easy to get around and plenty of room to work in. The patient rooms were huge compared to hospitals in my area.

    As for hotels, I stayed in a Motel 6 because it was much cheaper and a short drive to the hospital. But, several of my cohorts stayed in the Holiday Inn (the recommended hotel), and they spoke highly of the staff and amenities there. It's only one mile from the hospital.

    Good luck, and remember that you're doing things Excelsior's way, no matter how much it doesn't make sense.
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  7. by   hotnurse84
    thanks so much!! i cant wait!! but no i dont have a date yet. still getting all the info together to finish the application. when did you get a date after finishing your applications? did it take long? i would love lovvvee to take it in febuary but its probably not that quick of a process huh?
    im going to study everyday after christmas until my date!!! i must pass and will!!!!
  8. by   LPNtoRN22
    I'm still working on my first nursing course through excelsior so I have a way to go before I have to take the cpne. I will also be testing in Ohio because I think it is closer to me and I'm glad to hear such wonderful things about that testing site. I have worried about the cpne since I started this program b/c of all the "horror stories" out there. I've never really failed anything ever in my life so I hope cpne isn't the first! Good luck to all!!

  9. by   Mbaber
    I will be in Mansfield Feb18-20! I'm staying at Holiday Inn that is host hotel. I would love to know someone going you can Email me and get more info
  10. by   dstep102570
    How long did it take to get a date once your application was submitted and how far out is your test date?
  11. by   Mbaber
    I applied in October 2010 and had a date by mid November for Feb. 18-20 I finished all my classes in August of 2010 but I did not have the $ to apply until October. It is a very lengthy process, I had all my stuff done ( background check Immunizations etc) so when money was good I just had to apply! Good Luck

    Still looking for some one going to Mansfield same weekend as I am!?

  12. by   hotnurse84
    we just got the money and i just signed up for cpne friday. dont know when i'll get to go but i chose mansfield.
    i'm still having trouble submitting my background check. it is a pdf file and can not be submitted in the cpne status area. i sent an email to excelsior asking how to send it but have had no response yet...
    cant wait to get this done and conquered!!!! im already having dreams/nightmares about it!!!!!!!
    had one last night where students were coming up missing and someone was killing each student one by one....hahaha...starring me and tom cruise!!! thats weird cause im not a big fan of his either. lol
  13. by   Mrs.0
    Going the weekend after you. I'm so new to this, I don't know how to PM.
  14. by   Mbaber
    Hopefully will post A pass and a note of how it goes! good luck to you

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